Grace E. Moremen—Native born Angeleno, Grace Ellen Partin grew up in Los Angeles during the 1930s and 1940s. She graduated from Pomona College in 1952, married William Moremen, and moved away. Over the years, beginning when the youngest of her three children entered kindergarten, she developed a freelance writing career, producing five non-fiction books: No, No Natalie (1973), Touching Washington, DC (1976), Adolphus Frederick Duke of Cambridge (2002), Student life at the University of California, Berkeley, During and After World War I (2006), and Boston Glass Ceiling (2014). In 1998, Grace and Bill retired and settled in Claremont, 35 miles east of LA. During their absence from Southern California an exciting and expanding system of public transportation had emerged in Los Angeles. The opportunity to travel on Metrolink to Union Station and ride the subway and buses opened up fabulous new possibilities without a car. It was not long before she was taking friends along and sharing with them the places in LA that she loved. And that is how her latest book, Loving LA the Low Carbon Way (2015), written with her collaborator Jacqueline Chase, came into being.

Jacqueline Frances Chase—was born in Greenwich Village in New York City. She rode public transportation throughout her childhood—even to go to high school, three Subway rides away in Brooklyn. She currently lives in Claremont with her husband Chris and their golden retriever, Max. They have five children and seven grandchildren. Jacqueline has been an advocate for children and women in clinical settings as director, supervisor, and therapist. As a hospital chaplain, she has been a strong advocate for patients’ rights and care for the body, mind, and spirit. Jacqueline is a deep listener and taught classes in stress reduction, mindfulness, meditation, water aerobics, and yoga. Currently, her passion draws her to projects that enhance lifelong fitness and well-being. Jacqueline deeply appreciates the physical challenges and meditative aspects of writing, race walking, watercolor painting, and long-distance ocean swimming. Always curious about her surroundings and loving the pulse of big cities, she began exploring LA with her friend and native-born Angeleno co-author Grace as her guide and mentor, never imagining that their adventures would become a book.