Michael Connelly Booksigning!


Two of Michael Connelly’s most devoted fans sit down with the author after his very engaging onstage conversation with Titus Welliver, the fine actor playing Detective Harry Bosch in the highly-regarded Amazon Prime series. Grace is getting her copy of Connelly’s latest Bosch novel The Crossing signed, of course… but notice that furtive look on Jacqueline’s face: she is about to spring a copy of our own dearly beloved Loving LA the Low Carbon Way on the unsuspecting suspense writer! Turnabout is fair play someone once said.

He's Looking at it.

He’s looking at it…  Jacqueline gives him the quick three-second pitch.


Okay, He’s still lookin’ at it. Let’s make a break for it!

Grace & Jacqueline After the Move

This is the joy of pulling a fast one on,
with all the best intentions, an author who definitely gets LA right.

See you on the Metro, Michael!!